• Deep Dive – Photoshop course by Skillthrive
    Deep Dive is a Photoshop tutorial for beginners that explores how to create a surreal underwater image. You'll start by removing the diver f...
    Deep Dive
  • Lost in Space – Photoshop course by Skillthrive
    Lost in Space is a composite Photoshop tutorial that will explore how to create a planet from scratch, how to remove and add objects in Phot...
    Lost in Space
  • Ascend – Photoshop course by Skillthrive
    Ascend is a 3 lesson Photoshop composite course that introduces the concept of Displacement Maps, selecting objects, creating reflections, a...
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    Opening Photoshop for the first time is quite intimidating. All the buttons, menus and tools can make it hard to grasp where exactly you sho...
    Photoshop Fundamentals for Photographers